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Continued from last issue....

Dracula is out pondering if he should return to his wife Domini, considering the fact that perhaps leaving her is best as he feels that he has caused her enough grief. Unable to come to a decision, Dracula flies off into the night sky in bat form to contemplate this further.

While in the rented apartment of Quincy Harker, Frank Drake curses their inability to destroy Dracula when they had the chance. The vampire hunters consider Dracula's relationship with Domini and the death of Janus. With their intervention causing Dracula to abandon the Satanic Cult that followed him, Quincy deduces that Dracula will stay out of the public eye for a while, and that they should use this moment of weakness to their advantage to destroy Dracula once and for all.

Meanwhile, Dracula returns home to find that Domini is nowhere to be found. Domini is at the graveyard where Janus has been buried casting a spell to resurrect her slain son. Despite the outcry from mystic forces, the spell begins, unearthing Janus' coffin. A bolt of energy comes from the sky and lifts the lifeless body out of the coffin. Sensing what Domini is attempting to do, and fearing that the process with change their son, and not wishing for such a fate for Janus, Dracula rushes off to stop his wife from completing the ritual.

While at the offices of Midnight Publishing Company, Harold H. Harold, guilt stricken over his involvement in the death of Janus, has come to say goodbye to Aurora before leaving town to either go to Hollywood (where a film adaptation of his book "The Vampire Conspiracy" is in the works) or England, so that he can get away from the on-going battle against Dracula. Aurora wishes him well, but before letting him leave asks him to take her out to dinner.

As Dracula rushes to stop Domini, Domini is summoning the spirit of the Golden One whom she knew upon meeting him was destined to be born as his son, to return and repossess the body of her dead boy. The spirit of the Golden One appears in the sky just as Dracula arrives, and the king of the vampire watches in horror as his hated enemy's spirit is about to merge with the dead body of his son. Attempting to stop the merging from happening, Dracula approaches, but is struck and knocked back by a bolt fired from the sky. Dracula regains his footing and attempts to stop the final merging but arrives too late, as there is a bright flash of light. Denouncing the Golden One as a Satan Spawn, he demands that it leaves the dead body of his boy alone. Suddenly a foreign voice comes from Domini's mouth telling Dracula that this has been ordained ever since Janus, an innocent creature, died a useless death.

Dracula pleads with the forces at work to not change his son, however his pleas go unheard, and the union between Janus and the Golden One is completed, and Janus is reborn as a full grown man, resembling the Golden One. Janus greets his mother with open arms, however when she asks him to also love his father, Janus tells her that he cannot, because even though that he is Dracula's son, he will also be his murderer. With this proclamation, Dracula screams in fury.

This story is continued next issue...

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