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Synopsis for "What Lurks Beneath Satan's Hill?"

Continued from last issue...

Domini laments to God why she is forced to choose between her husband Dracula, and her resurrected son Janus. When Janus enters the room to meet with his mother, she tries to convince him not to kill Dracula. Janus refuses to be swayed from his mission as he believes that Dracula needs to be punished for all he has done in his many hundred years existence. When Janus tries to show Domini what Dracula does to his victims, Domini slaps him across the face and continues to profess her love of the vampire lord. Janus admits that he loves his father, but despite that love he has to carry out his mission. Transforming into a golden eagle, Janus flies out into the streets and finds Dracula feeding on another victim. Janus blasts his father away with mystical bolts from his eyes.

Using his magical abilities to prevent the dead girl from rising as a vampire, Janus and Dracula then battle each other. Their battle takes them across Boston, both in their avian forms and human forms. Dracula is forced on the defensive as he is no match for the mystical abilities of his reincarnated son. As the two battle on, a strange creature is attacking women as well, catching them unawares and dragging them off with its tentacles. As Domini considers the relationship between Dracula and Janus and it's parallels with her relationship with her father, more women fall victim of the strange creature that stalks the city. These women are found by paramedics who note that each dead victim is found devoid of all hair.

Dracula, fleeing Janus, comes across the ambulance and decides that it is an easy mark for his need for blood. Attacking the ambulance he notices the women condition and demands answers from the ambulance drivers. When none are forthcoming Dracula decides to investigate the situation as it might mean a threat to his existence. The ambulance drivers check on the women in back and are shocked to find that the women have risen from their comatose states and walked out of the ambulance. With no ability to accept what they have experienced that night, the drivers faint.

Dracula locates the women and follows them to a mansion on what's called Satan's Hill. Entering within he finds that the interior is modeled after ancient Rome. Dracula finds the decorum dull and it angers him, however his attentions are diverted when he hears a scream and rushes upstairs to investigate the sound. Breaking into an upstairs bedroom, Dracula finds that the scream has come from Topaz a woman he had met not long ago in Transylvania. Topaz tells Dracula that she has summoned him to face what lurks beneath Satan's Hill.

As Topaz is telling Dracula this, elsewhere Frank Drake is out with Rachel van Helsing when he is suddenly put under a trance. He begins to walk off, ignoring the fact that Rachel is behind him trying to get him to snap out of it. While outside of the mansion on Satan's Hill, Janus flies overhead having tracked his father to his location. Finally, lurking on the grounds is the creature that has attacked all the women in town.

This story is continued next issue...

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