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Continued from last issue...

Dracula has come to the mansion on Satan's Hill to find Topaz waiting for him, wanting his aid in destroying the creature that lives there. She explains that she had come to Boston after parting company with Jack Russell, and one night she was attacked by the creature that has been stalking the area. She was able to fight it off with her magical abilities when she awoke she found herself in the Roman garb that she wore. When Dracula inquires as to where they are, Topaz tells the vampire lord that it's a gate to Hell.

Meanwhile, still in some strange trace, Frank Drake races to the mansion on Satan's Hill, oblivious to the fact that Rachel van Helsing is following not far behind. While above, Janus also arrives on the property having stalked Dracula to this spot. When Rachel attempts to enter the house with Frank, a powerful wind blows up and prevents her from entering the building, she is locked out when Frank enters it. Inside, Frank snaps out his trance and comes face to face with Janus. When Dracula and Topaz arrive downstairs, the vampire lord is less than enthusiastic that his hated son and ancestor are in the house as well.

Just then, a voice of the powers that summon them tells them that all the members of the Dracula bloodline (except for Lilith) have been called together as Dracula has used Satan's name in vain too often and that they have all been brought forth to witness Dracula's ultimate end, the voice also explains its reasons for bringing Janus (being an angel spawn), Drake (for nothing but contempt), and Topaz (for being a potential threat) to this location to meet their end as well.

The quartet soon finds themselves transported to a strange other-dimensional arena, where the tentacled monster demands that that Janus and Dracula fight to the death, in order to force Janus' cooperation, they threaten to end Topaz's life. Dracula and Janus both agree that this is not the time for their final battle and attack the monster that has brought them there. Despite their best efforts, the demon easily fights them side and keeps them at bay with hell fire. Realizing that this decree has come down from Satan himself they have no choice but to fight. As Dracula and Janus fight, Frank begs Topaz to use her magic to free them, however Topaz cannot as times have changed and her powers are not what they used to be.

The battle ends with Janus seemingly slaying Dracula much to the surprise to Satan's minions who anticipated Dracula's victory. When the demon attempts to contact Satan, Janus uses his heavenly powers to destroy all the demons viewing the combat. As the demon perishes, it is further horrified to find that Dracula is still alive and that it was all a ruse.

Back on Earth outside the mansion of Satan's Hill, Rachel van Helsing tries in vain to open the door, it is not until she is met by Domini does the door open and grant them entrance into the mansion.

While back in the demon's realm, the demon calls out for Satan's aid in destroying Dracula and Janus, however Dracula ends it's existence by driving a wooden stake into it, destroying it. They find themselves transported back to the house, which is now set ablaze and crumbling down around them. As Janus, Frank, Rachel, and Domini flee, Dracula and Topaz remain inside, laving the others to believe they have perished. In reality, the two have been transported into Satan's realm, being called down a stairwell and past a gate, they find themselves in Satan's chambers where the dark lord tells Dracula his time has ended and that he will spend all eternity in hell.

This story is continued next issue...

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