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Synopsis for "Showdown in Greenwich Village!"

Continued from last issue....

Dracula has come to New York City seeking out his daughter Lilith in the hopes that she can restore him to his vampire nature glory after it was stripped from him by Satan. Desperate for food and money, he is reduced to mugging a couple. Realizing the lows that he has stooped to, Dracula damns Satan for condemning him to a life of humanity. He is quickly chased off by a crowd that has been attracted by the woman's screams for help. Dracula ducks away into a church and loses them, however when the priest inside offers Dracula aid, the former lord of the vampires' pride gets in his way and he refuses the priest's help, returning to the outdoors.

Dracula ducks into a disco bar, where he is able to buy a meal with the money that he has stolen. There he is met by a woman named Ann Keats. Keats explains that she is recently divorced and invites Dracula to come home with her. Along the way she tells Dracula her life story. When she asks what Dracula is doing in New York, he tells her that he is looking for his daughter. When she asks if he knows where she is, he tells her he does not. Wanting to help, Ann takes Dracula to an office where they try and locate runaways who have come to New York. Once more Dracula's pride gets the better of him, and when the man at the desk asks for more information, Dracula angrily rejects the notion of being aided by a human and bolts out the door.

Ann follows after him and the two are soon attacked by muggers. Despite the fact that they are outnumbered and Dracula is injured in the fight, Dracula easily defeats their attackers. When Ann asks how, Dracula tells her his real name. When he hears police sirens he tells her he must go. Ann takes him back to her home, unaware that they are being stalked by the 'Cowboy'.

At Ann's apartment, Dracula tells her his life story, however she finds it more than a little hard to believe. Noticing that she has a phone, Dracula asks if he might call his wife Domini. He tells Domini what he is doing in New York and although she accepts it, she is saddened that Dracula would wish to turn himself back into a vampire.

After Dracula is off the phone, the Cowboy bursts into Ann's apartment with guns blazing. Although he manages to shoot Dracula in the arm, the former king of the vampires manages to throw his attacker out of the window. Unfortunately the Cowboy reenters the apartment and shoots Dracula in the leg, causing Dracula to flee. The Cowboy follows Dracula to the roof where he lands another shot on Dracula. As Ann calls the cops for help, Dracula manages to get the better of the Cowboy in a hand to hand fight. The battle ends with Dracula throwing the bounty hunter off the roof of the apartment building to his death.

Ann comes to his side to tell Dracula that an ambulance is on its way as Dracula passes out from blood loss. Dracula survives the attack and the attempt on his life makes the front page of the newspaper. This headline is read by Dracula's daughter Lilith, who finds the recent developments in her father's life very interesting indeed.

This story is continued next issue....


  • Shooter is consulting editor.
  • Cover art modifications on Dracula's face by Severin.

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