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Continued from last issue...

Dracula continues his search for Lilith in New York City, and finds himself drawn to the woman Angel O'Hara. Dracula finds it odd that he is drawn to this pregnant woman, completely unaware that Angel acts as a host body for his evil daughter. Dracula follows them back to their apartment where he bursts in and demands Angel's man Martin Gold to not interrupt them or face death. Entering the bathroom where Angel is taking a shower, Lilith takes hold and transforms to her vampire form. Lilith informs Dracula that she knows why he has come to see her: So that she might once more turn him into a vampire after he had his powers taken away from him by Satan.

Lilith refuses to grant Dracula his wish, in revenge for causing her mothers death centuries ago, she then changes into bat form and attacks Dracula, driving him out of the home she shares with Angel. Defeated, Dracula swears to her that he will get his revenge against her for the humiliation she has brought about him.

Dracula would chase after Lilith in her bat form, unaware that she is luring him to a stage production of a Dracula inspired play titled "Passion of Dracula", the idea that another is capitalizing on Bram Stoker's story from his diaries angers Dracula. As fate would have it Harold H. Harold has tickets to see the show and has taken an aspiring actress named Darlene who has been reeled into going to Harold because he has promised her a role in the film adaptation of his film. This is a sleazy move on schmoozing with an actress on Harold's part, and his pathetic advances are easily rebuffed.

While in Boston, Janus returns home to his mother, who asks him once more if he intends to kill his father. Janus tells her that now is not the time, but he is ordained to do so, no matter how she feels that death is unnecessary.

Back in New York, the play about Dracula is interrupted by Lilith's entry in the theater in bat form with the real Dracula not far behind. This leads to a fight between the two, which causes the audience to stampede out of the theater. When Lilith sicks an army of rats on Dracula, Harold comes to Dracula's aid. Harold is easily swatted away by Lilith who flees outside.

Dracula fights off the rats and the two go outside where Lilith has unleashed a tempest and has also unleashed a legion of stray dogs and hypnotized humans to attack him. Not sure what to do Harold rushes to a phone booth and attempts to call Quincy Harker in Boston, but learns that the legendary vampire hunted has relocated to New York as well. As Harold calls for Quincy and the others to come to the scene Dracula fights off his attackers.

Cursing Lilith, Dracula is sent fleeing into the night when a police man comes to see what the disturbance is. This all amusing to Lilith who mocks Dracula's attempt at fighting her and flies off just as Quincy and the other vampire hunters arrive.

Dracula meanwhile, seeks shelter in an alleyway where he is asked for change from a homeless man. The man stops his begging when he sees that Dracula has been roughed up pretty badly. Dracula wanders off considering that if he failed in seeking aid from Lilith, perhaps he can get it from his son Janus.

This story is continued next issue....


  • Shooter is consulting editor.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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