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Synopsis for "The Return to... Transylvania!"

Continued from last issue...

In a last attempt to regain his vampire powers, stripped from him by Satan, Dracula climbs to the top of the Empire State Building to boast over his continued survival to Satan. When Janus arrives, Dracula orders his son to help him regain his vampire form. Janus declines at first until the powers that command him order him to aid. Janus does help by transporting Dracula back to Transylvania, the place where the forces that be say Dracula might regain his vampire heritage.

However, it appears that Janus has brought Dracula into a trap as Quincy Harker and his vampire hunters are waiting for him. As Quincy and his allies attack, Dracula demands that Janus help him, but Janus flees the scene.

Although the vampire hunters get the drop on Dracula, they fail to kill him when Frank (in anger) gets too close to Dracula for Rachel to fire a kill shot from her cross-bow. After fighting off an attack from Saint, Dracula makes an escape through a secret passage way. The vampire hunters continue their hunt, while Janus meets with a man that will be instrumental in Dracula's downfall in the near future.

Meanwhile, Dracula locates the coffin of a vampire named Marissa, whom he awakens and demands that she turn him back into a vampire. She refuses, telling Dracula that she serves a new master, a vampire named Torgo before swatting Dracula away and fleeing in bat form. Marissa's departure leads the vampire hunters to Dracula, where they resume their attack on him. During the fight, Dracula almost chokes Rachel to death but she is saved by Frank. Fleeing outside, Dracula gets into a struggle with Frank and when Frank attempts to impale Dracula with an arrow, he fails and gets stabbed with it instead.

Dracula flees into a near by cemetery and soon finds himself surrounded by his legion of vampires, all loyal to Torgo. The vampires attack him and leave the scene, leaving Dracula beaten but still alive. Quincy Harker and Harold catch up to Dracula. Dracula offers no resistance to his old foe, and renounces Satan and asks God for help. This leads Quincy to believe that he has finally won over his old foe and laughs. However as it turns out, it is not Quincy at all, but Satan in disguise. Satan shows his true form and boasts that this was his plan all along, to make Dracula suffer so badly that he would shamefully renounce his master and ask for the aid of his mortal enemy. Having made Dracula suffer the sin of pride, Satan disappears before Dracula can say anything else. However, with Satan's departure, Dracula realizes that his vampire powers have been restored.

Having witnessed the scene, the real Quincy calls down his vampire hunters. Telling them on this day even though Dracula has been restored as a vampire, he has suffered a monumental loss and is now a broken man and allows the former lord of the vampires to wander away in shame.


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