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Synopsis for "Batwings Over Transylvania!"

Continued from last issue...

Broken and beaten, but with his vampire powers restored, Dracula flees across the Transylvanian countryside as his once loyal minions hunt him down. Being swarmed by an army of vampires, Dracula transforms into his bat form and flies into a nearby village. Aware that the vampires are out, the village closes up for the night.

While elsewhere in the home of the widowed Maria Turaka, her daughter Teresa has fallen ill and needs medical attention. Knowing the risks she decides to try and get her daughter to a hospital anyway and leaves her children alone, but arming them with crucifix's to protect themselves from the vampires that are outside.

Dracula comes across Maria as she takes her daughter by horse carriage to a doctor and attempts to feed upon her. Maria manages to ward away the weakened vampire with a crucifix. With the other vampires gaining on him, Dracula flees to Maria's home and pleads to the children to let him in. Despite the fact that he is weakened and is caused pain by the crosses the children wear, Dracula decides to stay in the home and try to figure out a way to escape his once loyal army.

Maria is later found by Quincy Harker and his vampire hunters who pick her up in their car and take her and Teresa to a hospital. Meanwhile, the vampires have all gathered outside of Maria's home, flapping around the house causing a horrible racket. Driving the one of the children to fearfully try to escape the home, but the eldest child stops the child from opening the door which would give the vampires access to the house and kill them all.

The vampires then smash all the doors and windows open, and demand that Dracula come out. Since they have not been invited in, the vampires cannot actually enter the home and so they send an army of rats in to try and force the children and Dracula out. Dracula fights off the rats and tells the children to believe in the power of Christ so that their crosses might ward off the vampires. Despite the fact it would cause him pain, Dracula also grabs a crucifix off the wall and uses it to drive the vampire army off as well.

With the vampire gone, Dracula flees the scene, and later Quincy Harker and the others drive Maria home to find the carnage wrought on the house. Going inside and finding the children safe, they hear about how a "good man" taught them how to fight off the vampires.


  • Shooter is consulting editor.
  • Cover art: preliminary sketch by Cockrum.[1]

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