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Years ago, In the desert a man named Yazdi travels by foot after his camel dies from thirst. Although he is blinded and desert worn, he follows a comet along it's path to an oasis. There he finds water, and a gem, what would be called the Yazdi Jem, which upon touching glows with fire.

Five years ago.... Florence Ebers comes home one night to find her husband dead, she removes his wedding ring and places it on her own hand, vowing to get revenge against the person responsible for the death of her husband.

The present... Sandy Sommers, has been grieving over the end of her marriage, seeking therapy and having random encounters with new men. Although most of these encounters were to fit her needs, not all the men were respectable and some of the affairs tawdry leading to much shame for Sandy. Sandy however has decided to turn a new chapter in her life, leave town get a job and get her life back on track.

One day she happens upon a job offering for "Tours of the Supernatural" ran by David Loring who is looking for a production manager. He hires her and the next day she begins her first job: Taking a couple (Alan and Betty Gold) as well as Florence Ebers on a trip to Europe to see many sights of the supernatural, the star attraction being the ruins of Dracula's castle in Transylvania. Once they arrive in Transylvania, Florence takes a deeper and deeper interest in learning the fate of Dracula, while the townsfolk warn Ebers from pursuing her obsession the other travelers dismiss Dracula's existence as nothing but myth.

However, upon exploring the ruins of Dracula's castle, they come across the remains of Dracula's final battle against the late Quincy Harker. Among the rubble they find Dracula's skeleton, still with a spoke from Quincy's wheelchair impaled in the vampires chest. When Florence attempts to remove the spoke, the others try to stop her, however Florence pushes them aside, telling them that she needs to resurrect the vampire king because he is needed in conjuction to the Yazdi Gem which she has in her possession. Removing the spoke, Ebers resurrects Dracula once more.

Alive once more, Dracula quickly pounces on Betty and feeds upon her and fights off Alan and David. Before Dracula can kill them, their Transylvanian guide wards Dracula off with a crucifix, however Dracula regains his composure and kills the man by tossing a stone slab on him. Dracula is about to feast upon Sandy when Florence shows Dracula the ring that was once on her husbands hand. Dracula recognizes it as one the one he attempted to covet for himself before he killed Ebers' husband. Florence offers to talk to Dracula about the ring itself, however she wishes to do so alone. Dracula agrees to discuss matter and Florence uses the ring and the two disappear leaving Florence's traveling companions to pick up the tattered pieces of their lives.

The others return to London where Betty is taken to a hospital and the others tell of their experience to Inspector Chelm of Scotland Yard. Dracula has also returned to London, and that night he stalks after Sandy who is spending the night with David. Dracula sends a legion of rats into David's apartment and orders them to attack. As David tries to fight off the vermin, Dracula hypnotizes Sandy and orders her to invite him in. However, before he can feed upon the girl David fights off the rats and wards Dracula off with a copy of the Bible. Snapping out of her trance, Sandy is mortified by what happened to David who has passed out from blood loss. Florence enters their home and tells Sandy not to worry as she has a plan to deal with Dracula. Florence helps Sandy take David to a hospital where she leaves the two in the care of Inspector Chelm.

Florence goes to meet Dracula on Westminster Bridge, and summons him forth, offering out the ring. Dracula arrives ready to fight the woman for the ring, however Florence only wishes to talk to the vampire king about the ring itself. She explains the gems origins to Dracula:

The gem was first found by a man named Gholem Yazdi, who upon touching the gem once it fell from the sky found himself turned into a skeletal form and found that the gem itself harness great power allowing him to form and destroy cities with but a thought. The ultimate fate of Yazdi and the gem is unrecorded however the gem at least would resurface in the middle ages. There a portion of the gem would be fashioned into a ring by a German noblemen and would pass hands from mystic to mystic over the centuries until it ended up in the hands of Florance's husband, whom Dracula ultimately slew five years ago. Florence explains that she has learned the location of the rest of the jewel, and agrees to split half it's power with Dracula if he agrees to help her out. Dracula agrees and the two travel to the desert temple where the ring is located.

There they find those who have foolishly tried to claim the gem without learning mastery over it have met with instant death. When Dracula attempts to seize the ring from the pool which it rests in, Florence uses her ring to make Dracula sink into the sand to prevent him from gaining it under the pretense that it would kill him upon contact. However, Florence gains the gem and uses it to transport both her and Dracula back to her apartment where the decaying corpse of her husband still rests.

However, this is all a ploy by Florence so that she can use the gem to resurrect her long dead husband, to which she succeeds in reanimating his corpse in the hopes of allowing her husband the chance at revenge against the creature that killed him. This starts a battle between Dracula, Florance's husband not he slightest bit interested in his wife's plans almost smothers her under the rubble of his initial attack. With Eber's mystical powers burning to the touch, Dracula becomes weak quickly and attempts to replenish his waning strength by feeding upon Florence. Fed up of being used by others, Florence then smashes the gem.

When Dracula attempts to resume his attack on her he is fought off by the animated corpse of Augustus Eber. When Augustus asks why she smashed the gem, she tells the unliving corpse of her husband that she did it for love, not power. Realizing the errors of his ways, Augustus goes to his wife and the two perish in the burning house while Dracula makes good his escape.

Back at the hospital, Betty is on the mend and Dave and Sandy leave to resume their lives. However, Sandy wishes to end things with David before they get serious. After a discussion over each others wants, Sandy insists that she wants to be alone and leaves David in the streets. Even though he believes that Sandy is making a mistake, David begins to return home when he's attacked by Dracula in his bat form. David flees from Dracula back to Sandy's apartment and smashes through her window just as she's packing her things.

When Dracula arrives and gets the better of David, Sandy grabs the Bible from her night table and wards Dracula off with it. With Dracula gone, David points out that Sandy did so all by herself, and realizing that she does care about David tells him to be quiet because there will be time to talk of their encounter tomorrow.

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