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Appearing in "And from Order, There Will Come Chaos"

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Synopsis for "And from Order, There Will Come Chaos"

Not long ago, Dracula rode a train from Germany to Transylvania, his attempt to feed on a young mother named Anna was interrupted by the intervention of his foes the vampire hunters Frank Drake and Rachel van Helsing. They would chase Dracula off before finding that the woman is okay, and that Dracula did not take enough blood to change her into a vampire. They would go after Dracula, and the woman would long be forgotten by her attacker and her rescuers.

She would be brought to a hospital and is diagnosed with severe anemia, however she would eventually recover. She would go on with her life and eventually meet Peter McDonald a computer salesman. The two would fall in love and get married and they would relocate to America and have a daughter named Jacqueline Louise McDonald. One day while out on Miami Beach with her mother, Jacqueline would be attacked by a dog that gets loose from its owner leading to the girl to be hospitalized and require blood transfusions as she is rapidly losing white blood cells in much the same fashion as her mother did when she was attacked by Dracula all those years ago.

In some strange twist of fate, the girl is somehow linked to Dracula, who is also greatly weakened and requires to feed on more than his usual sum of victims. Having relocated to New York, Dracula rises and goes on the hunt, feeding a young woman being courted by a young man. The girls condition worsens, and the next night Dracula manages to get three girls who are out driving for a wild long weekend of partying. He feeds upon the two girls riding in the backseat and flees the vehicle before it can crash. However, despite the additional victims, Dracula still feels weak and drained.

As Dracula weakly stumbles through an alley trying to find a fresh victim, young Jacqueline is possessed by some demonic force that gives he great strength and she fights off the medical officials that are attempting to restrain her. Dracula finds his next victim in a prostitute, whom he feeds upon, however he is still weakened and passes out. Suddenly, vampire-like bite marks appear on Dracula's neck. When police arrive later, they assume Dracula is another victim like the dead hooker and take them both to the city morgue.

At the morgue the two pathologists that have come to examine the bodies are surprised to find that the dead prostitute has been drained of blood. Suddenly one of the pathologists is put under the control of Dracula and he is forced to kill his partner in order to drain the blood for the evil force that controls him. Back at the hospital where Jacqueline is being held, the doctors are stumped as to why none of the tranquilizers and other treatments they try to use on the girl can stop her haunting condition. Believing their daughter to be possessed the McDonalds seek out a priests to perform exorcisms but are refused as the priests they approach don't believe in possession of the devil. They get the aid of a elderly gypsy medium however who agrees to see their daughter and -- although with some resignation from the hospital staff -- is allowed to try and cure the girl.

While back in New York, the pathologist has spent this time feeding the blood to Dracula, enough so that Dracula is revived enough to change into bat form and flee the scene. Dracula then begins flying toward the cause of what is draining him. While at the hospital, the gypsy lights a special candle that reveals that the girl is somehow linked to Dracula, a revelation that does not surprise Anna in the slightest. Just then Dracula appears in the hospital and begins fighting his way to the girls room. When a security guard attempts to stop him, Dracula forces him to turn the gun and shoot himself in the head.

Sensing Dracula's presence coming closer, the force inside Jacqueline erupts with mystical energy, furious that the vampire would come to take back the blood that it had stolen from him. It breaks free from its bonds and when Anna tries to go to her child she is knocked back by the mystical force within the child. The creature within the girl fights off her parents until Dracula arrives and demands that the creature give back his stolen power.

When Anna attempts to separate the creature from her daughter by showing love, the creature proves too strong and Dracula gets in the way. During the altercation, a sudden flare of energy shoots across from young Jacqueline and strikes Dracula's brow and out the window. With Dracula gone, Anne notices that her daughter has been restored to normal.

Dracula meanwhile, has been left in the gutter. Weakened but alive, Dracula rises from the trash and is approached by a young woman who has come to see if he's all right. She, like so many other women before her, becomes a fresh victim to the lord of the vampires.

Appearing in "Bloodline: A Probable Outline of the Career of Count Vlad Dracula"

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Synopsis for "Bloodline: A Probable Outline of the Career of Count Vlad Dracula"

An article recounting Dracula's recorded history to date.

Appearing in "One Curse, with Love"

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Supporting Characters:

  • Horace Milton Biggotty I
  • Horace Milton Biggotty II
  • Horace Milton Biggotty III
  • Horace Milton Biggotty IV
  • Horace Milton Biggotty V

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Synopsis for "One Curse, with Love"

Text story.

Appearing in "Soul of an Artist"

Featured Characters:

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  • Carl
  • Amber (First and only known appearance; dies)

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Synopsis for "Soul of an Artist"

Over the course of a few months, Dracula begins to romance a young artist named Amber, much to the chagrin to her friend Carl. Carl becomes suspicious of the strange man's appearance in Amber's life and her increasingly dark paintings. He would approach her at first about this and be angrily rebuffed. After not seeing her for some time he would travel to Amber's home to find Dracula feeding upon her blood. Returning another night he would find that she has been turned into a vampire. Realizing what she had become, she would lock Carl out of her room and put the final touches of her final painting: A picture of herself crucified. Carl would break through the door just as the sun would rise, incinerating Amber, ending her unlife. Carl would burn the painting, but take a portrait Amber painted of herself to place upon his fire place to remember he by.

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