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Synopsis for "Tomb of Dracula (Part 2)"

The Story starts with a training exercise between the team in which Blade shoots Divinity in the head close range with paintball bullets. Noah then gives Divinity a round or vampire killing bullets. She uses one on Blade, knowing he is wearing Kevlar. They then attend a presentation about Dracula's plan. It says many years ago, a vampire lord named Varnae forced a mystic named Aamshed to create a ritual which would make the vampire lord into a god. However when Atlantis, Varnae's home sinks, he cannot complete the ritual as it must be done on his home land. Now it is Dracula's turn to attempt the ritual. Noah mentions that they will kill Dracula with a nuclear weapon. Meanwhile Dracula reveals to the vampire generals that he has a spy amongst the heroes and orders them to be attacked before they reach the airport, a group of vampires attack in the tunnel and the heroes are only survived by the Mortus Invituus, a group of good vampires, they reveal they cannot go any further with the heroes because then Dracula would gain control of them. Once on the plane, they are attacked by flying vampires...

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