Quote1 There's a Strain which actually turns its victims undead immediately without the customary 3 day burial. Quote2
-- Benjamin Soloman Alomii

Appearing in "Tomb of Dracula (Part 4)"

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Synopsis for "Tomb of Dracula (Part 4)"

At the end of last issue it appeared that Divinity Drake had turned against the team, but in truth, she was shooting at the oncoming army of vampires. The team take on the army that greatly outnumbers them but Lucas is quickly killed by a vampire who does not die until minutes after it is staked. Divinity makes a run for Castle Dracula with the nuke. Blade continues the battle wishing he could afford to follow her when another group of the Mortus Invitus who are stronger in order to resist Dracula, led by Groza arrive and join Blade's side of the battle. Meanwhile, Divinity leaves the nuke behind and goes to Castle Dracula under his control. Blade leaves Enzo behind to help the Mortus Invitus and chases after Divinity but is confronted by a vampiric Benjamin. Blade makes it to the castle with the nuke. But Dracula reveals that he has been spying on the group through Blade, reveals Deacon Frost, saying that he was resurrected to battle Blade in case he got to Castle Dracula. Blade swiftly kills Deacon then discovers that he can no longer move because he is under Dracula's control now due to being part vampire. Dracula then absorbs all the generals in the room and then Divinity. Blade can do nothing but watch. Inside Dracula's head Divinity reveals that she is Aamshed in disguise and that a nuke would not kill him, the true answer to her riddle was the collection of innocent souls destroyed by Dracula. She then mentally wounds him leaving Blade free to move. Blade stakes Dracula, who dies, leaving a wave of energy spread over the local land. At the scene of the battle, everyone is hit by the beam of energy, when it clears only Enzo remains. Blade then leaves wondering what happened to Divinity.

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