Tombstone Valley is located at Tombstone Territory and originally inhabited by the native peoples of the area, but they were ran off their land by the Barkerton Gang who had discovered it and meant to use it as their hideout. The men also discovered one of the largest gold deposits in the region and began to capture weary travellers, forcing them to mine the gold in order to make their boss, Keno Barkerton, rich. Barkerton became very wealthy and proclaimed himself king of the territory and hired a small army of owlhoots to protect his mine and hideout. He also built a large camp with his newfound wealth and protected the entrance with the largest wall built west of the Rio Grande.

The Rawhide Kid allowed himself to be caught by Barkerton's men in order to get inside the camp to rescue one of Barkerton's prisoners. Barkerton ordered the Kid to be sent to the mines as well, but quickly overpowered the guards and started a revolt among the slaves. He then blew the dam, flooding the valley and causing Barkerton and his men to flee. They were found by an Indian war party who had returned to reclaim their land.

Points of Interest

  • Outer wall
  • Gold mine
  • Dam


  • Keno Barkerton and his gang of owlhoots, as well as their slaves.
  • Formerly inhabited by the natives of the area.

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