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After being exiled for foretelling the destruction and fall of Atlantis, sorceress Zhered-Na eventually found her way to the continent of Thuria, where she founded her own cult and taught followers.[1] Many years after Zhered-Na's death, her teachings were passed on to Illyana Kale, a decedent of a cult member, via spirits. Kale transcribed the teachings that came to her, the sum of which became the Tome of Zhered-Na.[1] At some point, the Tome was cursed by an unknown God, and the demon Hellphyr was placed inside the book.[2]

The Tome would stay in the possession of the Kale family until modern times, when the Tome was stolen while in possession of Joshua Kale, the latest leader of the Cult of Zhered-Na.[3]

Through unknown means, the Tome ended up housed in a vault of a New York City library many years later. Andy Kale, Joshua's grandson, was tricked into opening the Tome by a disguised Marduk Kurios, which unleashed Hellphyr, who possessed Andy.[2]

Doctor Strange, sensing the presence of the Tome and Hellphyr, gathered a team to assist him in recapturing the Tome, including Andy's sister Jennifer, who would end up unwilling killing Andy to defeat Hellphyr for Strange.[4]

The Tome was last seen in the possession of Jennifer Kale,[5] but its status after Kale's apparent death during combat with Victoria Hand[6] and her subsequent resurrection[7] is unknown.

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