Tommy Thumb was a midget in Fritz Tiboldt's Circus in the 1940's. When the group was hired by the Nazi party to tour the United States and eliminate key military officials, he was forced to do Tiboldt's bidding through threats and intimidation. Fritz forced Tommy to release a tiger from its cage and set it to maul General Blaine of the U.S. Military. Spotted on the scene by Captain America and Bucky, they failed to capture him. However, Cap and Bucky later dismantled Fritz's operation.[1]

Tommy's subsequent fate remains unrevealed, however as Fritz Tibolt would return to Germany and resume his circus, it is possible that Tommy resumed working for Tibolt. As such, it is noteworthy to mention that Tibolt would later be murdered by Nazis who evaded capture in retribution of his failure,[2] it is unknown if Tommy would have met the same fate.


Tommy was easily coerced into following the orders of others through fear, intimidation, and the threat of violence.

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