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Tonaja was a young Inhuman, part of a class prior to exposure to Terrigen Mist, which included Nahrees, Dinu (who Tonaja liked), Woz and Kalikya, her best friend. Tonaja was very afraid of changing in the mists, and confided in her grandmother. After Terrigenesis, though, she became the first Inhuman flier evolved naturally in 30-years. Tonaja chose the alias Archaeopterix, like the prehistoric bird and, along with Dinu and Nahrees entered in the Royal Guard. Gorgon repeatedly insulted them and assigned ridiculous tasks, such as taking care of Lockjaw.[1]

When the army led by Yuri Stalyenko attacked Attilan according to a plan that Maximus devised, and which king Black Bolt already knew beforehand but sought to use in their favor, Tonaja and her companions were assigned to the front line of battle, where she was reunited with her other friends and Kalikya, discovering that she had healing powers. Tonaja tried to ask forgiveness for what she had said after their mutation but this time she was rejected, realizing she had been cruel to her friend. Tonaja and her companions fought until Black Bolt ordered the withdrawal.[2]

Tonaja was later chosen among a group of Inhuman exchange students to visit and study on Earth.[3]

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Tonaja has wings which allow her to fly.

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