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Tong was born in the Forgotten City of the High Evolutionary, but was an outcast for not being the same as the more devolved residents of the city. She was rescued by the Thing and taken in by the Fantastic Four.[1] Once safe from harm, Tong and her siblings joined the Future Foundation.[2]

After the destruction and subsequent return of the Universe, Tong joined the Future Foundation in their journey to restore the Multiverse, while also creating entirely new realities.[3] She spent over half a decade away[4] before finally returning home.[5]


  • Tong is transgender.[6]


  • According to FF (Vol. 2) #6, Tong's assigned number in the Future Foundation is 10, but she's most commonly seen wearing 11.[7][8]
    • Like most members, she'd often wear numerous other numbers to confuse Scott Lang when he was in charge of the team.[9]

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