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Tongah was the tribal leader of the Fall People and long-time friend and ally to Ka-Zar. He married Seesha, unaware that she and Ka-Zar had had an affair in the past[3].

He was befallen by a madness possibly caused by the proximity of Vibranium while out hunting with Ka-Zar, which caused Ka-Zar to travel to London to find a scientist who could help combat the illness.[4] During Ka-Zar's absence, Tongah discovered that the Savage Land was being invaded by the Sheenarians. Tongah attacked and killed their commander, for which they demanded Tongah's life.[5] Tongah accompanied Ka-Zar to the Sheenarians' home dimension to prevent further invasions.[6] There, he was captured by the Kramen who syphoned off his life energy, rapidly aging him.[7]

Tonga helped Ka-Zar evacuate the Fall People.[8]

He then listened the tale of the legendary Chtylok, as told by Mathala.[9]


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