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Tongue is an Inhuman student chef and Friends of the Tower. There Ulysses Cain met her when Karnak introduced her to his visit to the Tower. Tongue detected in the boy fear and disgust, so she asked Karnak to remove it from her sight.[1]

Later, when Ulysses escaped from his cell after Karnak left him imprisoned in it, Tongue found him trying to escape from the Tower, so he advised him to go back. [2]

As Ulysses failed to persuade Tongue to let him in, he tried to escape from her. Tongue went after him and cornered him in the kitchen, so the boy grabbed a bowl full of chilies and threw them into her face saturating the sense of the taste of the cook and thus escaping. [3]. Later, Karnak asked Ulysses to apologize to Tongue. [4]

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Tongue's only sense is taste, so refined that it takes the place of all other senses, being able even to savor the emotions. [1]

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