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The father of a friend of Top Dog's owner owns a comic shop and is planning on having someone dressed up as Spider-Man show up, but when a blackmailing pyromaniac has other plans, it's up to Top Dog and Spider-Man (?) to put a stop to his diabolical plans.


  • The posters and comics shown in Comic-World show that on Earth-85481, Marvel Comics publishes many of the titles that our reality's Marvel Comics published in the 1980's, including Star Wars: Droids, which was based on the animated series that aired in 1985-1986. This would set the stories that take place in Earth-85481 in the 1980's unless otherwise noted.
  • Among the other Marvel characters shown on comics and posters aside from Spider-Man include the Fantastic Four, Iron Man, The Eternals, Spider-Ham, Thor, Hulk, and Captain America. Marvel Fanfare is also shown on a poster.
  • The Iron Man cover at the window appears similar to Iron Man #207. In one panel, Joey Jordan is reading a comic that has a cover that resembles Amazing Spider-Man #281.
  • Although this issue confirms Spider-Man is a real person on Earth-85481, it is not confirmed if any other Marvel heroes actually exist on this Earth as well, as no dialogue indicated it.
  • The comics and posters indicate that Earth-85481's Marvel publishes popular Spider-Man comics that resemble their world's Spider-Man, as opposed to Earth-616 which publishes comics of a different Spider-Man. Even so, the ending shows that no one knows that Peter Parker is Spider-Man, as Jameson is demanding Peter get pictures for his anti-Spider-Man editorial and Joey doesn't believe the real Spider-Man would show up in his town.

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