The Topographical Man was incalculably old, and its origins are unrevealed. Nikki, a 31st century Mercurian, escaped the genocide of the Badoon by fleeing in a family spaceship. Her ship ran out of supplies just outside of Earth's solar system, but she found a derelict ship, whose crew had been killed under uncertain circumstances. She was able to survive on the ship, and used it to find planets and hunt food. In her travels she found a large number of dead worlds, which had appeared to support life. She encountered and joined with the Guardians of the Galaxy, at which point they found the reason for the dead planets, and were consumed by Karanada. The Guardians were transported to the surface of the Topographical Man, although they did not realize they were not just on another planet until Vance Astro used their ship to burrow through the surface, come out the other side, fly off into space and view it from a distance. Starhawk led the other Guardians to the Convent of the Living Fire,[1] where Nikki performed the ritual of flame, merged with the Godhead, and assumed an immense astral form. This form then joined forces with the spirit of Vance Astro, who had been integrated within the Topographical Man as a result of a struggle with Karanada. Acting in concert, Vance and Nikki's spirits and wills grew to the size of the Topographical Man, embraced him and destroyed it by forcing it to 'engage in an act of love', which was violently opposed to its nature as the opposite of life.[2]


The Topographical Man is unfathomably large, possessing an arm-span of light years. Each of his hands contains a sun. His body contains its own atmosphere and numerous people exist on his surface. Much of its surface is covered by sandy deserts. It is the antithesis of life. It is incapable of movement and feeds from the energy obtained by the Karanada.


An act of love of enough magnitude is enough to harm Topographical Man, even destroy him.[2]

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