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Quote1.png I know I am superior to my drunken, stupid failure of a father in every way. But the sight of him reduces Doctor Octopus to a sniveling child, living in fear of his belt, the ring on his finger. One of the most feared super villains on the planet, and it makes no difference. Not against him. Quote2.png
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Torbert Octavius was a construction worker, who told his son Otto to fight back, when he got bullied at school. He was fed up with having to replace Otto's broken glasses, because he could not afford it. He stated that Otto should act like a man. Torbert valued strength and power, values his son did not stand for in his eyes.[2][3] His wife Mary estimated Otto's intelligence and expected better from him, because she loathed Torbert's profession and his intellect.[2]

Torbert was an alcoholic,[3] and beat his own son on several occasions,[4] although Mary protected Otto from him.[2] Torbert was killed in a construction accident during Otto's freshman year at college.[2]

When Otto became Spider-Man, these experiences caused Otto to brutalize the villains which he was fighting, when they showed patterns that he experienced; for example physical child abuse[5] or bullying.[6]



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