Torg, the Abominable Snow-King was a creature that lived in the depths of Antarctica and caught the attention of Namor the Sub-Mariner, when he noticed cargo from ship drifting away on his travel home. Namor investigated further and discovered a group of sea lions pushing ice floes into shipping vessels. The sea lions were taking the cargo to an underground cave, so Namor would follow.

In the cave Namor found the cargo perched on an ice ledge and some sailors from the ship on the other side of the cave was a large ape like creature. The creature known as Torg planned to become the ruler of the seas, which angered the king of Atlantis as he tried to defeat the beast. Namor could not escape from Torg's long grasp but with the help of the sailors who attacked the beast, with this distraction Namor was able to escape. One survivor on the surface was able to contact a helicopter fleet with a SOS signal.

Torg shook the crewmen off his body and travelled to the surface to look for Namor. Torg was met with hale of bullets from the helicopters so he submerged himself into the ocean. Namor contacted a helicopter pilot and told them where the survivors were located.

Namor engaged with Torg once more when the helicopter pilots bombed his ice field and rescued the survivors. Namor led Torg to Byrrah's oil springs that were capped during a previous encounter and broke one of the pipes. Namor covered Torg with a tremendous amount of oil and headed back to the surface.

Torg, drenched with oil and gave chase. When Torg resurfaced, the freezing air caused the oil on his body to congeal and solidify. Torg was unable to move and Namor toppled a massive iceberg on the creature. Namor was merciful and allowed Torg to return to the depths of were he came.[1]

Torg was later found by Namor's enemy Attuma and was mind-controlled by Attuma's ally Serestus using the Control Pearl. Attuma used Torg in his invasion of Canada's Prince Edward Island. He fought the Avengers and was freed from Serestus' control when Triathlon knocked the Control Pearl of Serestus' hands. While Torg was recovering from being freed from the mind-control, Jack of Hearts knocked him into the ocean.[2] Torg hasn't been seen since.


  • Superhuman Strength
  • Superhuman Durability
  • Underwater Breathing
  • Zoopathy: can control sea life to do his bidding

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