Masquerading as a wrestler, El Toro Rojo assaulted El Vampiro, and inflicted a serious wound. He came after El Vampiro again, but found him protected by the Thor. Although he put up a fierce battle against Thor, in the end Thor crushed his horns with Mjolnir, rendering him nearly powerless. [1]

In the years that followed, as part of some punishment, Toro was confined to a bull totem. Eventually, this totem was found by Huascar Amaru, who gave it to his son Tupac.

When the Amaru farm was attacked by thugs, Toro convinced Tupac to exchange bodies with him. Toro fought bravely for his playmate's family, and killed one of the invaders. He was then approached by Warlord Kro, who had added his name to his Delta Network. Kro needed Toro's aid in rescuing the Avengers from Ghaur in Lemuria. He was sent to rescue the Black Knight and Giant-Man from the Deviant arenas where they were being controlled. Toro fought the controlled Avengers, but in the midst of his clash with the Black Knight, he was forced to exchange bodies with Tupac again until the brain-mine malfunctioned and the Black Knight regained control of himself. The other members of Delta Force protected Tupac until they could leave Lemuria, and their mission had been accomplished.[2]


Possesses superhuman strength and endurance.

Strength level

Approximately class 50

  • "Toro Rojo" is spanish for Red Bull

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