Senator Eugene Stivak asked his young scientist nephew Michael Stivak to design a battlesuit for national defense. He built a high-tech suit equipped with turbo-jets that can propel the wearer through the air and magnify physical blows. Learning that his uncle is the leader of the criminal organization the Corporation, Stivak designed an inferior battlesuit for his uncle and secretly developed another suit. Using the alias "Torpedo" he tried to stop his uncle and the Corporations plans. But during the fight he was stopped by the hero Daredevil. [1]


The Turbo Armor is a battlesuit that is controlled via the headpiece which bonds to the users individual body chemistry compatibility and skill in manipulating the cybernetic bond. Brock Jones the original Torpedo, had a sufficient degree of skill in piloting the suit. However the new user Michiko Musashi possesses a far greater natural compatibility and this combined with her greater length of time using the suit has enabled her to access functions Brock could not, such as the suit's limited ability to reconfigure itself cosmetically according to the wearer's wishes.

Torpedo Armor
  • Flight: The Torpedo battle suit allows the user to fly at speeds up to and including supersonic levels; the exact top speed of the armor has yet to be classified.
  • Force Field Generation: The suit can generate a low level force field to protect her from the adverse physical stress of moving at such speeds; it also provides a great deal of durability for combat applications, and can disperse radiation directed against it.
  • Energy Blast: Using the small nuclear-powered turbines built into the gauntlets and boots of the suit, Mickey is able to project a pulsed concussive force blast nicknamed a "Turbo Punch" which is essentially a jet-powered punch, enabling her to strike opponents or objects with a tremendous amount of force. Using a dual-fisted double Turbo Punch delivers force equal to a full-powered punch from a superhuman with Class 100 strength. The wearer can regulate these hyper-punches so as to strike a person without causing serious injury. The wearer can also use these turbines to create blasts of high-speed air, projecting both wide wind gusts and narrow gusts and simulating concussive force.
  • Enhanced Strength: Assisted by the power of the turbo jets, the suit is capable of providing the wearer with superhuman strength, as well. The level of superhuman strength conferred is again based on the wearer's compatibility with the suit and familiarity with its functions. Brock Jones was capable of lifting (pressing) approximately 1 ton; Mickey is able to optimally lift (press) 20 tons.
  • Visor: Built into the Suit's visor is a device able to detect Dire Wraiths (a divergent branch of the Skrulls) no matter what form they take that was given to Brock Jones by Rom the Spaceknight in order to better protect the town of Clairton, West Virginia during the Wraiths' attempted conquest of the Earth. It is possible that it may be able to detect Skrulls, as well.

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