Torpid is young Morlock girl, probably between four and eight years old, and somewhat physically small in comparison to other children of similar age. Whether her diminutive size is part of her genetic heritage is unknown. She is also very “cute,” in a certain eerie way. Her only other extraordinary physical feature is her overlarge hands, which she keeps concealed under an ever-present pair of black leather gloves, which she removes in order to utilize her mutant power. She does not speak, but only communicates by means of facial expressions, indicating she may be mute.

Unlike Rogue’s power, her own may penetrate at least one layer of clothing, the victim’s, to effect her “stun-touch”, thus whether the gloves are a necessity in order to keep her power from activating accidentally or in a manner beyond her control, as with Rogue, is unclear. It could also be that she wears the gloves for the primary purpose of concealing her hands along with the secondary purpose of dampening her power.

She was one of the Morlocks to first welcome Evan (Spyke), when he awoke to see the group[1] She has been a great ally to the Morlocks on many occasions, with the use of her “touch” pulling them out of any tight spot or two.[2]


Paralyzing Touch: Torpid can temporarily paralyze anyone by means of touching them using her huge hands. She uses a pair of gloves so she won't be able to use her powers unless she chooses to do so.


Innocent Look: Her innocent look as a child may make anyone refuse to hurt her.


Involuntary Activation of Mutant Powers: She has no apparent control over her powers like Rogue and Wither.

Mute: She cannot speak like other mutants do. She uses sign languages to give messages to others.


A pair of black gloves

The theory that she is mute was discredited because in her first appearance, she is heard screaming while falling into a vat of Pow-R8 energy drink, which is highly toxic to mutants.

Torpid was a special character for the animated series X-Men: Evolution.

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