The past of the man known as Torso is mostly a mystery. By his own account, he lost his arms and legs in a blast by an American-made shell and spent years recovering in a hospital in utter pain. He spent his recovery hating anything to do with America. Eventually, he decided that he was going to destroy the United States and rule the world. However, he was but one man facing an entire country, and so he decided to create his own master race to enslave mankind. He constructed mechanical arms and legs that replaced his lost ones and developed a lab hidden in a mountainous region within the United States. Calling himself the Torso, he began his life goal by affecting American weapons manufacturing.

He had begun planting spies within the Axis powers of Nazi Germany, Imperial Japan, and Fascist Italy. While these world powers learned of the Torso's existence, they were never able to learn his identity or his location.

By the summer of 1943, he had sent a letter to Adolf Hitler asking for funding and troops from all the Axis countries in exchange for the destruction of Captain America, their mutual enemy whom the Torso viewed as the only being capable of standing in the way of their goals. Hitler called a meeting with Benito Mussolini and Emperor Hirohito, and they all mutually agreed to help fund the Torso, all were unaware of his own bid for world conquest.

The Torso then began capturing scientists and defense officials for twofold purposes: first it would effect the United States ability to produce more weapons, and it would also provide him with test subjects for his new master race. Those who were successfully captured he attempted to fuse with animals, causing horrible abominations, and very few would survive.

Learning Captain America's identity, he send the hero a letter, issuing a challenge to Camp Lehigh. Captain America decided to follow the first clue with his partner Bucky to stop the kidnapping of Professor Winters. However, Winters was drugged and went willingly. Captain America and Bucky's trail led through many traps, but they eventually made it to the Torso's secret hideout. There, they were briefly incapacitated by the electrical bolts that the Torso could fire from his hands. They were then told the Torso's life story and his plans for the world. Realizing the Torso needed to be connected to the metal ground to utilize the full electrical output for his energy blasts, Cap lifted him off the ground while Bucky deactivated the dynamo that powered him. Cap then freed the scientists who were not yet experimented on and sent Bucky to free them.

While Bucky was gone, Cap fell for the Torso's compassionate plea to be placed at his desk -- citing that his mechanical implants were hurting him -- this gave the Torso the opportunity to plug the portable dynamo into his artificial limbs and jolt Captain America. When Bucky returned, the Torso grabbed the youth and escaped out a secret elevator to the mountains outside his base. He climbed the cliff side with Bucky as his prisoner. When Cap came after him, he tossed the youth down the cliff, forcing Cap to break off his pursuit to save his young friend. This proved to be the Torso's undoing as he lost his footing and began to tumble down the side of the mountain. Picking up snow along the way, he rolled into a massive snowball that crashed into his hideout, which then exploded in a massive fireball, killing the Torso and all his horrible abominations.[1]


The Torso was a quadriplegic, as such immobilizing his mechanical limbs made him completely helpless.


The Torso had mechanical arms and legs to replace the ones that he lost in an explosion. How these mechanical limbs were controlled is unspecified, although it appears they responded to his thoughts.


The hands of his mechanical arms could fire jolts of electricity that could incapacitate a living being, and likely could be lethal if applied strong enough. These blasts could be magnified by an additional power source. The Torso had a massive dynamo in his lab that channeled this electrical power through the metallic floor of his headquarters and channeled through his mechanical feet. Lifting him off the ground forced him to rely on his internal power supply. He also had a portable dynamo that also gave him full power, the limitations of this portable unit is unknown.

John the Hermit wears a strange cap, implying the Torso may be mentally controlling him.[2]

The Torso also created "Ape Men" and kidnapped industrialists.[2]

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