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Fantastic Five Vol 1 2 page 14 Torus Storm (Earth-982)

Torus Storm is the son of Johnny Storm and Skrull wife Lyja.

He is not an actual member of the Fantastic Five, but insists on leaping into the fray whenever he can. In battle, he regularly takes the form of an older version of himself wearing an F5 uniform with a "6" on its chest.


  • Enhanced Skrull Shape-Shifting: Shape-shifting into any form imaginable, regardless of size, & able to utilize the inherent abilities of the assumed form, if applicable(e.g. dragon form = fire breathing, etc.).
  • Heat Generation: Torus is able to generate heat and flame like his father, the Human Torch. Although he typically uses his power as thermal blasts from his hands instead of a full-body flame, he is able to do everything his father can.

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