Toshio Sasaki, along with his wife and child, were kidnapped by the villain Doctor Demonicus. After experimenting upon him to grant him superhuman powers, Demonicus hypnotized Sasaki to create the identity of Taifu (the Japanese word for "Typhoon.") In this capacity, he was used to steal technology and equipment for Demonicus' purposes. Members of the hero team Avengers were on hand to stop him and Taifu escaped.

Taifu was ordered to fight alongside Demonicus' Pacific Overlords while the Avengers stumbled upon Demonicus' plan to create his own island-nation. The Avengers revealed Demonicus' experiments on Taifu, his wife, and baby, snapping him out of the hypnosis, although he was struck down by the Overlords before he could take any action against Demonicus. When the island-nation was raised, Taifu's child was restored to normal, and he and his wife were released (though they retained their powers).


Aerokinesis: As Taifu, Sasaki has the ability to use air as a distance weapon and can strong wind throw rams or wind generating similar characteristics to tornadoes. He can also create shields of wind which are effective against physical missile attacks.

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