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Totem Dagger from Spider-Man Vol 4 6

The Totem Dagger was a mythical artifact that could sever Spider-Totems from the Web of Life and Destiny, as if they were never bit.[1] At some unknown point in time it was used to erase Spider-Boy (Bailey) from existence.[1] The Totem Dagger fell into the hands of the Elder Godess Shathra, who was intent on replacing the Great Web with her Great Nest. Shathra send her spider-wasps across the Multiverse that would bite Spider-Totems and transform them into Shathra's minions, however Spiders of the Prime Marvel Universe have proved immune. To deal with those, Shathra gave the Totem Dagger to Spider-Man Noir, one of first to join her Hive, to use against the Spiders of Earth-616. Noir used it to stab both Kaine and Jessica Drew, who were unwoven from reality entirely and started being forgotten by their friends.[2]

Morlun wanted to retrieve the Totem Dagger and use it against Shathra herself, but by the time her came upon Noir, the latter no longer had it. Ghost-Spider, another one of Shathra's servants, had it and used it against Peter Parker of Earth-616 himself.[3] Peter however was not erased entirely, but had his timeline rewriteen so that he was never bitten by Radioactive Spider, but still worked as Silk's sidekick.[4] Meanwhile, Morlun went to execute his plan after all, but the Dagger that only worked on Spider-Totems had no effect on Shathra herself. Desprate, Morlun tried to feed on Silk, who grabbed the Dagger and slashed him in self-defence. Instead of being unwoven, Morlun began leaking energy, so Silk used the Dagger to cut him open entirely. The life force of millions of Spider-Totems Morlun had consumed was released, restoring them to life as well as remaking the Great Web itself.[5]

Peter Parker later used the Great Web-Shooter to banish Shathra to another plane of existence, after all her sister Neith, the first Spider-Totem and creator of the Great Web, revealed herself to her Spiders. Neith gave them a Spider-Idol of herself which could restore those erased by the Totem Dagger. Araña used the Idol to bring back Jessica Drew, Kaine and Spider-Boy, as well restore Peter Parker to the life in which he was the Amazing Spider-Man.[6]

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