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Toth was the son of the Crystal Warrior Queen Blythir and a Man-Thing who lived in the swamps of Weirdworld.[4][1][2]

He was one of the first students of Strange Academy and he had Germán as his roommate.[4]

With time, he grew closer to his classmate Shaylee Moonpeddle and, when visiting Asgard, she impulsively asked him to be her boyfriend, which he enthusiastically accepted.[5]

While studying late for a test, Toth accidentally found out that Calvin Morse's magical jacket was actually Mister Misery in disguise, so he possessed Calvin and proceeded to shatter Toth, stealing his heart shard so he couldn't be revived. However, when Calvin accidentally found the shard in his pocket, Misery had to possess him once again and finally reveal himself to everyone.[6]

To defeat Misery, who was fed by the suffering of others, Dessy decided to feed him all the suffering in existence using her powers. As it became too much for him to handle, Calvin managed to break free, and, in the end, Dessy devoured Misery, ending the threat once and for all.[3]

With Toth fully restored, Calvin felt like an outcast, but Toth approached him to give him a hug and assure him everything was good between them.[3]

Powers and Abilities


  • Crystallokinesis: Toth has the natural ability to generate, shape and manipulate crystals.[7]
  • Regeneration: Toth can, in the event that he is shattered, be put back together with a specific spell. However, most of his body pieces must be present, especially his heart shard.[1]





Strange Academy Necklace: Toth carries a special necklace that when touched creates appropriate clothing.[7]

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