Toth was the son of a Crystal Warrior Queen and a Man-Thing who lived in the swamps of Weirdworld.[2][3][1]

He was one of the first students of Strange Academy and he had Germán as his roommate.[2]

With time, he grew closer to his classmate Shaylee Moonpeddle and, when visiting Asgard, she impulsively asked him to be her boyfriend, which he enthusiastically accepted.[4]

Soon after the field trip, while studying late for a test Toth was attacked and shattered by a possessed Calvin, who proceeded to steal his heart shard so he could not be put back together.[5]

Powers and Abilities


  • Crystallokinesis: Toth has the natural ability to generate, shape and manipulate crystals.[6]





Strange Academy Necklace: Toth carries a special necklace that when touched creates appropriate clothing.[2]

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