Toto the Wonder Ape was a circus ape that was active during the days of the American Frontier. His owner was Ringo Blazely, who eventually gave up his days in the circus to work as a sheriff in the town of Greasewood Junction. He used Toto to rob Wells Fargo stage coaches. When the Wells Fargo company sent one of their agents to investigate the murders and robberies, Blazely accused him of being responsible and locked him up in the local jail to be hanged. He pulled the same stunt on the outlaw hero Kid Colt. However, the two men broke out of jail and rode on the next coach.[1]

Toto attacked again, knocking Kid Colt out in the battle. Toto then piloted the coach back to Blazely's hideout where Ringo furiously whipped the beast. Losing its temper, Toto strangled his owner to death. When Kid Colt awoke, he shot the ape to death.[1]


Toto was an incredibly intelligent ape, able to understand orders. He had enough skill to operate a stage coach.

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