Townshend Horgan was the first criminal hand-picked by the Organizer for his Ani-Men. His first mission consisted in breaking Gordon Keefer, who would become Ape-Man, out of local prison. The Ani-Men were soon sent against Daredevil by the Organizer, after he had crossed the Organizer's plans on several occasions. After implicating Daredevil in a bank robbery, the Ani-Men were next sent to kidnap Debbie Harris. During the attempt, Townshend was defeated by Daredevil and captured by the police. To prevent him from revealing the Organization's secrets, the Organizher had Ape-Man try and kill Townshend before he could talk[1]. As a result of this, Townshend felt no more loyalty to the Organization and revealed everything he knew[2].

Later, Townshend escaped from prison alongside his fellow Ani-Men Bird-Man and Ape-Man. They started working for the Exterminator as the Unholy Three[3]. They were once again defeated by Daredevil[4] and later, by Daredevil and Spider-Man[5].

Still later, the Ani-Men were employed by Count Nefaria, whose scientists gave them genuine super powers that replicated their former, artificial ones but made them non human in appearance (Horgan becoming genuinely feline). They fought the X-Men but were defeated[6], and they eventually reverted to normal, though they remained in Nefaria's employ. All of the original Ani-Men, including Horgan, were later seemingly killed after an altercation with Iron Man, when the assassin Spymaster blew up Nefaria's base with them presumably still inside it.[7]


Cat-Man was equipped with infra-red goggles and electronic pulse bombs.

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