Quote1 Hello, Anton. You'll be happy to know we're an equal opportunities employer. I take it you're not squeamish. Quote2
-- Razor-Fist

Appearing in "The Devil You Know Part 2: Cut to the Chase"

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  • Patrol car

Synopsis for "The Devil You Know Part 2: Cut to the Chase"

  • Synopsis not yet written.

Solicit Synopsis

  • Continuing the darkly comic miseducation of the creepiest new alien symbiote to swing around Manhattan! Toxin may be young, but he can rack up the property damage just like his old man, Carnage!
  • Can a host body with good intentions and a cop’s instincts actually rein him in? Ask former officer Pat Mulligan, who’s busy using Toxin’s powers to track down Razor Fist, an escaped super-villain who fled The Raft during the New Avengers Breakout.
  • So how dangerous is a man with two blades for hands? Ask his groupies. You read that right -- GROUPIES!

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