Quote1 I want you there, Spider-Man. If I cross that line...if it looks like I'm going to kill him...that I've finally lost all control of Toxin...take us both down. Put me in Ryker's along with the other bad guys. And throw away the key. Quote2
-- Pat Mulligan

Appearing in "The Devil You Know Part 6: The Razor's Edge"

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Synopsis for "The Devil You Know Part 6: The Razor's Edge"

  • Synopsis not yet written.

Solicit Synopsis

  • Ex-cop Pat Mulligan's sick of playing nice. While he's been struggling to control the alien symbiote Toxin, Razor-Fist ups the ante –and the body count – again, bringing terror to New York City.
  • His latest victim strikes horribly close to home, but when Pat decides to take the gloves off, will he do the right thing? Or give himself over to Toxin's base instincts? It's the fight you've been waiting for: Toxin vs. Razor-Fist…and this time, it's personal.


  • Only issue in the mini-series not lettered by Mike Sellers.
  • Contains a preview for Nick Fury's Howling Commandos #1
  • The "Tom's Restaurant" featured on the final page is an homage to Monk's Restaurant that was featured in scene transitions on the series "Seinfeld."

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