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Tracksuit Mafia,
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Dubbed by Hawkeye as the "Tracksuit Draculas", this mafia worked in New York City. They had many encounters with the archer, including facing him when he tried to force Ivan, one of their members, to sell his building to him;[1] fighting against Barton when they tried to kidnap the runaway wife of Ivan, Cherry, whose connection with the tracksuit mafia was unknown for Hawkeye;[2] and when they tried to force Barton to return the building to them, threatening to kill all of its residents, but Hawkeye managed to face and defeat them.[3]

They hired the assassin known as The Clown to finish off Barton once and for all,[4] as the company they were connected to wanted to use the buildings from the neighbor to build a shopping mall, but couldn't because of Hawkeye's control over that one.[5]

After Ivan's return,[6] the trakcsuit mafia raided Barton's building, but were opposed by heavy resistance from its inhabitants.[7] In the end, Ivan was subdued by Kate Bishop and the Clown was dealt with by Clint while the rest of the neighbors contained the remaining tracksuits until the arrival of the police.[8]


Transportation: Numerous cars
Weapons: Bats, guns


  • After doing some research, Kate Bishop referred to the gang as "titushskis".

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