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The Tracksuit Mafia is a New York-based organized crime gang that fell under the control of Wilson Fisk, the infamous crime lord known as Kingpin. During the years of the Blip between 2018 and 2023 their members were targeted by the mysterious Ronin.[1] One of Ronin's victims was William Lopez, whose daughter Maya eventually became the gang's leader.[2]

In late December of 2024 the Tracksuit Mafia raided an underground auction seeking to obtain a specific watch. By coincidence, Ronin's sword and costume were sold at the same auction and Kate Bishop put the costume on to conceal her identity while fighing off several of the Tracksuits.[3] Assured that their old enemy had revealed her true face, the Tracksuits tracked Kate to her apartment. They later ambushed her on the street where was saved by Clint Barton. Kate took Barton to her home, only for the Tracksuit Mafia to shop up there and burn it down. Although the two escaped, Clint later showed up at the scene again, allowing the Tracksuits to easily apprehend him and take him to their hideout. They planned to torture him for the whereabouts of Kate Bishop, only for her to fall through the roof in an unsuccessful rescue attempt.[1]

As Clint was interrogated about Ronin, he managed to free himself and later Kate, and eventually both escaped the hideout and hotwired a car outside to drive away. The Tracksuits gave chase, only being foiled by Clint's Trick Arrows and the duo getting away in a train.[2]



Various vans under fake company names such as "Trust A Bro Company".

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