The Tractor Beams developed by Doctor Doom to protect Latveria's borders from airborne intruders are shot from ground locations and could stop most aerial vehicles, encasing the vehicle in a force field.[1][2][3] It could also trap flying superheroes.[3] When the Tractor Beam is controlling the ship, the ship can be guided to dock at any position the operators choose, and it can be submitted to other artifacts such as a Monitor-Mirage to notify their situation.[1] Doom would rather intercept intruders without killing them.[3] Captured vehicles could attempt to escape the Beam using speed, sheer power,[3] or some other countermeasure.[2] Doctor Doom covered the borders of his country with fifty tractor beams, each of them manually operated full-time by five Servo-Guard robots, with three replacement robots in dormant state.[3]

At one point, private eye Luke Cage went to Latveria to ask Doom for payment due to a previous job. He traveled in a vehicle borrowed by the Fantastic Four, leading to the Latverian defenses to identify him as the Fantastic Four. The Tractor Beam intercepted the vehicle and forced her to land in a given hangar while a huge hologram, Monitor-Mirage, explained the situation. Cage only left Latveria because he managed to be in relatively good terms with Doom and, after he returned to New York City,[1] he reported his trip to the Fantastic Four. Understanding Doom's defenses, Fantastic Four leader Mr. Fantastic developed counter-measures for the Tractor Beam.[2]

Later, when the Fantastic Four invaded Latveria onboard their Fantasti-Car, they were intercepted by the Tractor Beam as first defense line, but Mr. Fantastic's counter-measures were successful and allowed the Fantasti-Car to overcome the Tractor Beam. The Fantastic Four then moved on to the second defense line of Latveria: Omni-Missiles.[2]


Machines of Doom lists this item's first appearance in Super-Villain Team-Up #6. In that issue, Mr. Fantastic recognizes the threat of the Tractor Beam explicitly because Luke Cage told him about it after Cage's encounter with it in Hero for Hire #9. Indeed, Cage finds this Tractor Beam in that issue.

Machines of Doom also says that, as far as is known, no-one ever escaped the Tractor Beam; but the Fantastic Four do exactly that in Super-Villain Team-Up #6.

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