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| First = Ms. Marvel #8
| First = Ms. Marvel #8
| HistoryText = Tracy Burk settled in [[Seattle]] working for the magazine "Tech Support" as editor-in-chief and was happier with her new job than working for [[John Jonah Jameson (Earth-616)|Jameson]]. She was contacted by [[Carol Danvers (Earth-616)|Carol Danvers]], whose still unpublished science-fiction romance Tracy had read. Tracy liked Carol's story very much. The two friends met for a lunch and Tracy accepted to give to Carol some freelance jobs and also proposed to present her some publishers from [[New York City|New York]], sure that they would have been happy to print Carol's book. Tracy noticed that Carol drunk too much.{{r|Iron Man Vol 3 #11}}
| HistoryText =
| Powers = None, human.
| Powers = None, human.

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History of character is unknown.


None, human.

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