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Tracy Speck gained the paranormal power of telecognition - the power to see through the eyes of others - in the White Event. Soon afterward, she was recruited by Philip Nolan Voigt to work at the Clinic for Paranormal Research in Wisconsin, where she used her power to help keep tabs on the patients in the Clinic's care, who Voigt was intending to use to form an army of paranormals. At some point, Speck became romantically involved with her colleague Dexter Charne. [citation needed]

When the patients known as the D.P.7 escaped from the Clinic, Speck's power was instrumental in helping the Clinic's hunters to recapture them. Once the group was recaptured, Dave Landers discovered that Charne had a hand in putting Stephanie Harrington into a coma. Landers went to confront Charne, and Charne told Speck to leave the scene before he arrived, but she refused. In the confrontation that followed, Charne tried to shoot Landers but accidentally shot Speck in the throat, killing her. Charne himself was killed too, by one of Randy O'Brien's antibodies. [citation needed]

Hoping to hush up the killings, the Clinic's staff buried Speck and Charne's bodies in the Clinic grounds, but their discovery by a disgruntled former employee and a journalist led to the police raid that later closed the Clinic down and resulted in the deaths of many of the patients and staff members. [citation needed]



Speck had the power of 'remote viewing', she was a telecognitive - she was able to see other places and through other people's eyes, even over great distances.

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