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Trader was a Wall Street stockbroker. After learning he was a mutant, Trader was fired and found his way to Chicago and joined the Morlocks. Trader was among the Morlocks who rescued Cell and offered to let him join, but he wasn't happy to have a gang-banger in the group. After an argument between Angel Dust and Electric Eve, Trader yelled at Eve for being too hard on Angel Dust, but he was the first to check on her after Eve fried her ex-pimp. Trader said that revenge was hollow, but Eve said she loved it and he would too. At that moment, Sentinel designer doctor Metellus appeared. After escaping the Sentinels, Trader defended Electric Eve about killing her ex-pimp and making the Morlocks accessories to murder, saying his wish was to kill the man who outed him as a mutant and costing him his job. just then, the police barged into the sewers and Trader took a bullet meant for Electric Eve. As he died, he said he never thought he would take a bullet for anyone else again.[1]


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Retina clouding of anyone who sees him, allowing him to blend near-invisibly into shadows and walls. Accomplished by unknown means.[2]

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