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First appearance of Tragg

Tragg was a member of an unnamed subterranean race which were unknowingly wiped out by underground atomic testing. Tragg was the only one of his kind known to have survived and he eventually made his way to New York City where he found refuge in an abandoned subway tunnel. Some time later, a new subway was to be constructed underneath the East River, but Tragg attacked the constuction workers who quickly fled in panic, bringing constuction to a stand-still. This attracted the attention of tabloid reporter David Arnstead who hoped to photograph the creature. Arnstead circled the abandoned tunnels for hours before he was attacked by Tragg. Arnstead quickly hopped aboard an abandoned subway train and drove it straight towards the monster, causing the entire tunnel to give way and collapse around Tragg. Miraculously, Arnstead survived the ordeal and escaped to the surface, believing the creature to be dead.[1]

Tragg getting rocked by the Hulk

Somehow, however, Tragg survived and was eventually captured by the Collector and placed in his subterranean zoo beneath Canada. When the Mole Man and his Moloids attacked the Collector, the hideout's security features failed, allowing all of the monsters to escape. They eventually made their way to New York City where they went on a rampage. Tragg was the first monster encountered by the Thing and the Incredible Hulk as they attempted to halt the rampage. He was also the first of the bunch to fall as the Hulk knocked him completely unconscious before he had a chance to attack. After the rest of the monsters had been defeated by the heroes, with the help of the Beast and Giant-Man, the Thing dumped them all through a portal into the Negative Zone where they would be unable to renew their attacks on the Earth. Since then, several of the other monsters have again been spotted on Earth, it is unknown if Tragg has also returned to Earth or if he is still contained within the Negative Zone.[2]

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Tragg is at least 20 feet tall, possibly more, and possesses superhuman strength proportionate to his size. He has shown strength enough to be able to life a subway car with ease.

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