Trajah was an elephant that lived in the Belgian Congo during the 1930s. While he led his own herd of elephants, he was loyal to Zar the lion who ruled the area. When the Rand family crash landed in the area, Trajah befriended young David Rand. When Rand was orphaned, he was adopted by Zar and renamed Ka-Zar. Trajah was one of Ka-Zar's constant allies and friends.[1]

As an adult, Ka-Zar visited Trajah with Zar and they were almost be trampled by Tupat, an elephant stricken with jungle fever, and whom they were forced to slay.[2] Later, Trajah asked Ka-Zar to help to rescue female of his herd, Tuta, captured by big-game hunter Steve Hardy.[3] With the return of jewel hunter Paul de Kraft -- the man who murdered Ka-Zar's father John Rand -- the animals were divided on the course of action to take. Trajah sided with Ka-Zar's orders to let jungle man to handle the situation alone.[4]

Taking a more active role in Ka-Zar's adventures, Trajah worked with Ka-Zar, Zar and Nono the monkey in attacking a poacher named Fenton. Ironically, Fenton was trampled to death by Trajah and members of his herd.[5] When Ka-Zar rescued Mara Rice from murderer Red Skelton, Trajah led them to a convoy of humans passing through the area.[6] Trajah also aided Ka-Zar in saving another damsel in distress: this time the lost Rita Grey, helping Ka-Zar fend off an attack by the Wabi tribe.[7] When ruthless game hunter Rajah Sarput set up camp in the area, Ka-Zar attempted to stop him only to be winged by a bullet. Trajah brought Ka-Zar to safety and nursed him back to health.[8] Ka-Zar was sidetracked going to America to save Zar, but upon his return he led Trajah and other animals in eliminating the threat of Sarput once and for all. In the final confrontation, Trajah killed Sarput by slamming him into the ceiling of his home.[9] Shortly after this, Trajah came to the aid of Ka-Zar and his father's friend Scoops Winston who were trapped in a burning building by the evil Alec Wright.[10]

Trajah was active in Ka-Zar's efforts against invading armies of both the Nazis and the Fascist Italy. Trajah's might was used to help to destroy a Nazi air field in Ethiopia. It was used to launch attacks on British colonies along the Suez River. That same day, Trajah helped destroying an Italian supply train providing supplies to their base.[11] Trajah also helped Ka-Zar and his animal army to destroy an Italian military base near Kenya by creating a massive flood.[12] In his last recorded appearance, he was asked by Ka-Zar to herd animals to safety from the poison gas spread by the Nazis.[13]


Trajah had abilities that are common to elephants. He was also able to communicate with and understand Ka-Zar.

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