Tral was an Inhuman who turned to a life of evil. Using his mind-control powers, he enslaved a group of natives and set them against a wandering Adam Destine, Thaddeus Destine, and Albert Destine, but was killed when an enraged Albert used his healing ability in a negative fashion, overwhelming Tral.[1]


  • Telepathy: Tral possessed telepathic abilities.[1]
    • Mind Control: Tral's telepathy gives him the power to mind-control others. His power was strong enough to enslave large groups of people all at once.[1]


Carried a weaponized energy scepter.[1] Whether this magnified his ability or was just a weapon is unknown.

  • Tral was shown controlling reanimated dead bodies;[1] however, it is unknown if this power is limited to simple telekinesis or extends to actual reanimation or "necrotelepathy."

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