The TransHuman ROBot (or THROB for short) is a robot designed to protect the sacred Vibranium mound in Wakanda. THROB was designed by Doctor Doom, who was staying as a guest of Black Panther in Wakanda. At the time Doom had recently been usurped by Kristoff Vernard and was seeking help to regain his throne. Thing and a mutated Sharon Ventura fought Throb after crash landing in Wakanda. Since THROB absorbs power when an opponent strikes it, THROB was almost destroyed when the Thing repeatedly hit it before T'Challa intervened and manually released the stored energy. [1]

At least another THROB was constructed and used to help defend Wakanda. One of the THROB's was used by the Black Panther to defend Wakandan Vibranium from the High Evolutionary and his Sensors during the Evolutionary War conflict. Despite their efforts, they failed to stop the Evolutionary from succeeding in his goal. [2]

For unexplained reasons, the THROBs were decommissioned, one of the deactivated robots was later put on display in the Black Panther's trophy room. [3]


THROB grows larger and stronger as his opponent attacks him. The robot is made of a plastic flesh over a Vibranium bone that absorbs an opponent's power.

Strength level

Proportional to the amount of power used against it.


THROB was almost destroyed by an overload of power when repeatedly hit by the Thing. However, when the Thing and Sharon Ventura encountered THROB, he was still in a prototype phase. T'Challa explained that he had not contemplated the consequences of THROB's inability to release the stored power.

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