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Synopsis for "Broken Glass!"

Continued from last issue...

Anti-robot sentiment is exploding on the planet Nebulos, following the seeming attack on the capital city by one of the Autobots. In response to this, a number of Autobots have given up their weapons, as well as the heads of Fortress Maximus, Chromedome, Hardhead, Highbrow, and Brainstorm. As the Council of Peers watches over, Zarak blames Galen for this uprising, to show him up in front of his daughter, Llyra. Zarak then has a bunch of actors stage a fight, in order to increase the heated riot; Galen hops down and tries to stop it and gets punched in the face for his troubles. Galen realizes that he must communicate with the robots. When Llyra asks her father what Galen intends to do, Lord Zarak suggests that perhaps Galen is attempting to gain power from the Autobots, an idea that Llyra dismisses.

Galen meanwhile meets with the severed heads of the Autobots and speaks with Fortress Maximus. The two agree to try and establish a peaceful deal between the Autobots and the Nebulans. During the next meeting of the Council of Peers, Lord Zarak rails at Galen for allowing the robots to continue to live on their world, and asks the people to have them destroyed. When Galen takes the podium he tries to appeal to them, however the crowd is not won over until Gort, the first person to meet the Transformers, can testify that his injuries were an accident, not deliberately inflicted upon him by the Autobots.

They agree to go meet the other Autobots, and learn that they are indeed peaceful. However Lord Zarak has no intention of letting them stay, and has his minion Vorath track their transceiver's signal, so that they might contact Cybertron. Later in privacy, Zarak manages to contact Scorponok on Cybertron, and convinces him to come to Nebulos to collect Fortress Maximus and his band of Autobots. Sure enough, the Decepticons arrive, not only just to capture the Autobots, but to take over the planet and take Zarak and his followers hostage.

With the Nebulan's outmatched by the Decepticons, Galen gathers volunteers to help control the bodies of the headless Autobots and lead them into battle. When doing so by remote control doesn't work, they decide that the best thing to do is to actually become their heads. So, with the aid of scientist Arcana, a group of five Nebulans: Arcana, Gort, Duros, Stylor and Galen himself all volunteer to be bio-engineered into being able to transform into the robots' heads. Becoming new heads for Fortress Maximus (Galen), Hardhead (Duros), Brainsttorm (Arcana), Chromedome (Stylor) and Highbrow (Gort), the Autobots go into battle and easily fight off the Decepticons, the synthesis between Transformer and Nebulan being the key to victory.

After the battle is over, the Headmasters remove their heads and transform into their Neublan forms and are hailed as heroes. All except for Galen, who at least by Llyra's account is only questing for power, seeing this as proof of her father's claims.

This story is continued next issue...

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