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  • Salicrup is editor and design director.
  • Budiansky is consulting editor.
  • Barbara Johnston is designer.
  • John Romita is art director.
  • Tom Morgan is assistant art director.
  • Mark Alexander, Jose Marzan and Mark McKenna are Romita's Raiders.
  • Anita Duncan is art / production coordinator.
  • Doreen Frederick is production assistant.
  • Brenda Mings is typesetter.
  • Jack Abel is proofreader.
  • Paul Becton, Pat Brosseau, Harry Candelario, Rob Carosella, Hector Collazo, Rich DuFour, Dawn Geiger, Veronica Lawlor, Ken Lopez, Michael Maier, Bill Oakley and Bill Vallely are production.
  • Virginia Romita is traffic manager.
  • Irving Forbush is spare part.
  • Wraparound cover.

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