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Having been given life by the Creation Matrix, Jetfire goes through the secret Rite of the Autobrand, officially marking him as a member of the Autobot Army. He then takes Jetfire on a tour of the Ark, showing him Ratchet's repair bay, where many of the Autobots ranks lay deactivated, with resources low Ratchet, is hard pressed as to when -- if ever -- he's succeed in reviving his fallen comrades. They next pay a visit to Wheeljack who is making an attempt to copy the memory engrams of five Autobot warriors that have been in status for the past four billion years into new bodies. The process is a complete success and Grapple, Hoist, Smokescreen, Skids, and Tracks are reborn. With the exception of Grapple, the other new Autobots are taken on a tour of Earth by Bumblebee so that they can learn Earth's customs and of the unique life forms that live on the planet.

While out at sea, G.B. Blackrock has been given the assistance of the Intelligence and Information Institute and the military to free his oil drilling platform from Decepticon control. Aboard the rig, Starscream, Thundercracker and Skywarp have been waiting for weeks to hear word back from Shockwave. Starscream has grown fed up of waiting and is about to act on his own when suddenly Shockwave arrives with a device that will allow them to transform the oil-rigs oil supply into Energon cubes that they can use. Creating as many as they can before the military battleships can engage them, the Decepticons flee and detonate an Energon Cube to use it's blinding explosion to cover their escape.

In Portland, Bumblebee leads the Autobots into town and has them initiate new disguise features to further help them blend in on Earth: Panels that cover their Autobot insignias and inflatable decoys to make it appear that humans are driving them. They stop to fill up at a Blackrock Gas Station, where Skids becomes interested in the Brick Springhorn music that is playing on the radio and learns from the station attendant that there is a concert in town that's happening. Bumblebee charges everything on the Blackrock Gold Card provided to them by G.B. Blackrock in return for the Autobots freeing his Aerospace Plant from Decepticon control. Stopping at a fast-food restaurant's parking lot, Bumblebee gets a radio call from Optimus Prime. Prime reports that G.B. Blackrock has gathered intelligence that the Decepticons might be using a device to capture sonic energy in the vicinity and warns them to be on the lookout.

While in Washington D.C., III agent Walter Barnett is brought before the director about the rash of robot sightings all over the country. He charges with Barnett with a seemingly impossible task: With no way of stopping the robots, they must come up with a plausible hoax to ease public hysteria regarding the problem.

Back in Oregon, Bumblebee and the others follow the coordinates that Prime has sent them to where the Brick Springhorn concert is taking place. Crashing the gates the Autobots lay low until security leaves their "empty vehicles" alone to investigate. When they notice a distinct lack of quality in the music, Bumblebee spots a strange device over the concert stage that is absorbing the sonic energy from the music. He and Hoist drive backstage where Hoist snaps the devices cable. This prompts Starscream, Skywarp and Thundercracker to burst out of the ground and attack.

The Autobots transform into their robot modes and fight off the Decepticon attackers. However, their battle puts on the scaffolds at risk of falling on the band prompting Hoist to make hasty repairs. He asks Brick and his band to keep on playing so as to not cause hysteria and make the concert goers think that it is part of his show. Bumblebee meanwhile goes down into the cavern below and finds the device and a pile of Energon Cubes. He is startled by Shockwave who flies up into the air transforming into space gun mode. Before Shockwave can fire a single shot, Bumblebee tosses up an Energon Cube into his line of fire. The resulting explosion knocks the four Decepticons out of the arena. With the Decepticons defeated, the five Autobots return to their vehicle modes and make a hasty retreat.

On their way back, Bumblebee and the others run into Optimus Prime and the other Autobots rushing to the location. Learning that Bumblebee and the others have succeeded in stopping the Decepticons, they all turn around and head back to headquarters.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks
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