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Megatron has come to an Easter Wyoming coal mile in a desperate search for fuel, however, he runs out of power before he can get any and freezes in place. While in Oregon, Walter Barnett meets with his superiors at III, where they ask him to do something to create a smoke screen to give the public an "enemy" associated with the frequent robot rampages so that the public doesn't go into a hysteria. After going over the most recent incidents, including Megatron's attack on the coal mine, they invited G.B. Blackrock to talk to them about his experience with the robots. When Blackrock attempts to explain a distinction between the Autobots and Decepticons, director Forest Forsythe interrupts him and thanks him for his time and sees him out. Forsythe tells his men that while there is evidence to support this he wants them to treat all robots as potential threats and gives his men 48 hours to come up with a cover story on who controls the robots to prevent public panic.

Barnett returns home to his wife and son, he scolds the boy for leaving a mess, however stops when he notices the boy has a Marvel Comic book called Robot Master, which features a villain who controls robots. Intrigued he decides to take a trip to New York City and pay a visit to the writer of the series, Donny Finkleberg. At the offices of Marvel Comics the next day, Donny is fired due to inability to write stories that sell. He ends up running into Barnett in the lobby who offers him a proposition. The two come up with the idea to create a real life Robot Master to give a more plausible reason for the robot attacks to the general public, who would find the notion of alien robots from another world to impossible to believe. Barnett then offers him 40 thousand dollars to not only help create the role of the real life Robot Master but to also play the part.

While aboard the Ark, Bumblebee, Skids, and Tracks return from a fruitless patrol and report to Optimus Prime. They are then all called into the communications room by Wheeljack who shows them a televised news report of a self-proclaimed "Robot Master" who is claiming responsibility for the robot attacks. Unaware of the government's hoax, the Autobots are puzzled by this story. While at the headquarters of Blackrock Enterprises, G.B. Blackrock knows exactly what's going on and is furious. With the phony broadcast over, Finkleberg is thanked by Barnett for his work. The next day reporters swam G.B. Blackrock's home to have him confirm the news. He denies ever seeing the Robot Master before the broadcast the previous night but declines to comment. Spotting Bumblebee parked in the driveway he decides to take this vehicle instead. As Bumblebee drives Blackrock to work, Blackrock explains the situation and the government's attempt to cover things up and tells the small Autobot that he will try to convince them to work with the Autobots.

At the headquarters of III, Forsythe is angered when the media has gotten footage of the deactivated Megatron out in the Wyoming coal pit. However, Barnett realizes that they can still capitalize on this and offers Finkleberg more money to reprise his role of Robot Master once more. The news also gets to the Autobots who rush off to the site to prevent Megatron from being reactivated. While on an information gathering mission Soundwave, Laserbeak, Buzzsaw and Ravage hear the news about Megatron's body and also rush to the site in order to revive their former leader.

III arrives there first and begins setting up camera crews to do another Robot Master broadcast when they are interrupted by G.B. Blackrock who begs them to consider the idea that there are two robot faction and that they should be telling the public the truth. Barnett tells Blackrock to butt out of their affairs, Blackrock warns them that they are playing with fire and that if the Decepticons figure out he's posing as their controller they'll surely kill him.

When the Autobots arrive the military attache that has accompanied III attacks them head on, but despite Blackrock's demands and the Autobots lack of aggressive action, the military continues to keep them at bay. While they are busy with the Autobots, Soundwave, and his cassettes arrive and revive Megatron with fuel. Megatron then simply blasts away all the tanks sending the military and the Autobots fleeing from the scene. When Laserbeak recognizes Donny Finkleberg, it brings him to Megatron and Soundwave explains who he is. Megatron is furious and is about to kill Finkleberg when Donny appeals to him by saying that they can use the Robot Master persona to turn the public against the Autobots and convince them that all Transformers are the same.

Sure enough, Megatron agrees and a broadcast promoting the idea that the Robot Master is real and that he controls every Transformer is broadcast across the country. With the broadcast over, Finkleberg relaxes by lighting a cigarette by striking a match on Megatron's foot while gloating about how sweet a deal he has. Megatron is not amused at being used as a strike pad and threatens Donny that if he smokes another cigarette he will kill him.

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