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Synopsis for "Plight of the Bumblebee"

Shockwave has decided to take out what he thinks is the weakest link in the Autobots decides to track him down and install an electro-calculator module to make Bumblebee his slave and use him to destroy the Autobots.

At the Ark, Optimus Prime reviews news reports about the "Robot Master" while the other Autobots undergo repairs. Prime tells his fellow Autobots that any one of them can be exploited by the enemy and that they should stick tighter and appear in public less. Overhearing this, Bumblebee believes that Optimus Prime is referring specifically to him and decides he's better off alone. Envying the humans, he wishes he could be one and spends time lamenting outside of a town. He is tracked down by Buzzsaw and Shockwave, Starscream, Thundercracker and Laserbeak catch up and the Decepticons attack him, causing him significant damage. Bumblebee transforms into vehicle and speeds away. Fleeing through the city, Bumblebee is dogged by the Decepticons and manages to lose them by hiding out in a parking lot.

That night, two joyriding teenagers named Waldo and Ernest enter the parking lot looking for a car to joy ride in. They pick Bumblebee, and in hot wiring him they disconnect his independent motor functions leaving him at their mercy. With Bumblebee rolling again, Shockwave and the other Decepticons detect him and resume their chase. When news reports reach the Ark, Optimus Prime orders the Autobots to roll out and save Bumblebee.

Waldo and Ernest are driving around causing trouble and then street race with another youth in a fast car. While they gain the upper hand until Bumblebee's engine dies. Trying to figure out what's happened, the two boys fix Bumblebee, reconnecting all his motor relays. Deciding he's enjoying the free-spirited lifestyle Bumblebee decides to continue joy riding with the kids. The Decepticons catch up and attack him, and Bumblebee is forced to take control and drive the boys from danger.

Speeding on the roads they blaze through a toll booth bringing the police chasing after them. The Decepticons activity in the air force forcing the Decepticons to detract from chasing Bumblebee to blast them out of the sky. Catching up with Bumblebee, the small Autobot decides that he has to face his responsibilities and fight. Transforming into robot mode and is about to face the Decepticons when Jetfire arrives to rescue him. However, this rescue is stopped when the Decepticons out gun him.

However, before they can capture Bumblebee the police, air force, and the Autobots arrive forcing them to retreat. As Waldo and Ernest have to deal with explaining things to the authorities, Bumblebee slinks away in robot mode realizing that his place will always be with the Autobots.


  • Splash page by Brown.

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