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Optimus Prime unveils to his fellow Autobots the completed project that he has had Grapple working on since he has been reactivated on Earth: Omega Supreme, the best line of defense of the Autobots base the Ark. Optimus Prime explains that Omega Supreme will defend their base while he and the other Autobots lead a potentially suicidal mission to collect data on the Constructicons ability to merge into Devastator so that they can utilize the same technology for their own purposes. When asking the gathered Autobots who will join this mission, Grimlock, and the other Dinobots refuse to help, citing that Optimus Prime is too much of a weakling to lead them and part company. The Dinobots departure changes nothing and Prime orders his Autobots to Transform and roll out.

While at the Decepticon headquarters, located in a Wyoming mining pit, the Constructicons are busy fortifying the base as Megatron and Shockwave continue to squabble over leadership over the Decepticons. The subject of their argument this time is Megatron's allowance to let Donny Finkleberg live among them. Donny has had enough with the Decepticons and is trying to think of a plan to escape, a seemingly impossible task since he is watched at all time by Ravage. Megatron then calls Starscream, Thundercracker, Skywarp, Rumble, Frenzy, Laserbeak and Buzzsaw to come to him and go to greet the new Decepticons traveling over the Space Bridge from Cybertron, leaving Shockwave and the others at the base.

The Autobots are on their way to the Decepticon base when Skids has a fender bender with a vehicle owned by the hot-headed Jake Dalrymple. Furious over this hit and run accident, Jake and his girlfriend chase after the Autobots hoping to "get even" with the "driver" of Skids, unaware of the danger that he is going to be putting himself in. Arriving at the outskirts of the Decepticon base, Prime orders Jetfire to distract the military, sending most of their forces after him so that Optimus and the others can smash through the military blockade to the Decepticon base. When Jake attempts to follow them he is stopped by the military.

Arriving at the Decepticons headquarters, the Autobots transform into robot mode and attack the battlements that have been put in place. While in northern Oregon, Megatron, and the others arrive at the site of the Space Bridge and are shocked to find Autobots there instead of Decepticons. They are about to attack when Soundwave radios in to tell him that all the Autobots are assaulting the Decepticon Base. Ignoring Shockwaves suggestions to return to headquarters, Megatron instead decides to attack the Autobot base believing it to be vulnerable to attack.

As the battle in Wyoming rages on, Skids proves to be the most ineffectual warrior, necessitating Optimus Prime to rescue him, suffering an injury to his side. Meanwhile, Shockwave has ordered the Constructicons to merge into Devastator and attack. This allows Bumblebee to scan the transformation data into a recorder, getting the Autobots all the information they need. While the Autobots fight off Devastator, Donny makes a break for it while the Decepticons are distracted. With the data they need collected, the Autobots then retreat, with Ravage (noticing that Finkleberg is gone) following not far behind. While at the blockade, Jake manages to talk the soldiers stationed there to leg him go.

Megatron and the others meanwhile have arrived at the Autobot base and are shocked to find Omega Supreme waiting for them there. Omega Supreme overpowers them destroying Starscream, Thundercracker, Skywarp, Rumble, Frenzy and Buzzsaw. He is about to destroy Megatron when Laserbeak picks up his commander and flies away. Back in Wyoming, Optimus Prime gets the report as they zip past the military blockade once again. Jake attempts to stop Skids, causing him to swerve out of the way, leaving him open to an attack by Ravage. Struck by one of Ravage's missiles, Skids is knocked off a cliff. Thinking him destroyed Optimus and the others race off the scene of the battle.

Megatron is returned to the Decepticon base, where Shockwave mocks his failure to take over the Autobot base and announces that he intends to take over the Decepticons. However, Megatron gets up and points out that Shockwave has also failed in allowing the trap to spring around him as well, pointing out that the Autobots must have had an ulterior motive to spring a hit-and-run operation on their base. He also mentions that even though they lost some of their warriors, more are coming to replace them and that they have pointed out to the Autobots that they can attack at any time. Realizing Megatron's words as truth, Shockwave then concedes and names Megatron the true leader of the Decepticons.

While back at the Autobot base, the other Autobots are rejoicing their victory, however Prime points out that they did lose Skids in the battle, and that in the future they must factor in human involvement in their continued battles with the Decepticons on Earth, as they can lead to unforeseen circumstances. As the Autobots mourn for Skids, they are unaware that despite his damage he is still functional, all be it trapped at the bottom of the cliff near the Decepticon base.

This story is continued next issue...

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